Personalised Learning Pathway

The Personalised Learning Pathways process is aiming to create closer partnerships between school and family/whanau, and relevant and flexible teaching and learning in and out of the classroom.

What Is The Process For PLPs?

Class Learning Plan (CLP): This is an overview of what the students will be learning in class each term and it will be sent to you at the beginning of the term. We will write a CLP at the beginning of each term so you are always up to date with what your child is doing at school. We are interested in your views on what parts of this plan are the most important for your child to focus on (this focus will be your child’s ‘spotlight goal’), and will discuss this at the Family Meeting.

Family Meeting/Learning Partnership: At the Family Meeting you will meet with the teacher and key therapist. Your child may attend part of this meeting. You are

welcome to bring someone with you.

Together we will develop your child’s Personal Learning Plan from the Class Learning Plan. We will talk about what you think is really important for your child to learn, and anything you feel is missing so we can add this to the plan. We will them talk about how we can help your child to progress in their learning. We would like to hear your ideas on how they learn best and what he/she likes learning about.

We will also be sharing your child’s work and achievements via Seesaw, an app available for you to download on your electronic devices (see below).

Personal Learning Plan (PLP): After the family meeting, teacher and therapists develop your child’s Personal Learning Plan and Therapy Plan. This will be sent home to you. The teacher is already teaching the goals in the Class Learning Plan but they will make some adjustments to make sure they are covering what you think is really important. They will let you know how your child is progressing and you can share how they are going at home via Seesaw, the home-school notebook or via email.


Seesaw is a digital portfolio which you can download and access on your smartphone, laptop, iPad or android tablet. Teachers can add photos, videos, audio files, notes, PDFs and web links each week and you can have instant access (you will get a notification or an email to say there is a new post). You are also able to comment.

Seesaw can ...

  • Capture learning in real time using both photos and video

  • Allow our students to contribute to reflections about their own learning

  • Provide one place for teacher, therapists and family to give feedback and response to evidence

  • Keep an accessible record of learning for students for their whole time at Arohanui

How Can I Help My Child’s Learning At Home?

Student learning and programmes are more effective when home and school work together. Through Seesaw you will be able to share ideas of ways to support your child’s learning at home and school.

They may include:

  • Opportunities to practise new skills at home

  • Activities and experiences enjoyed at school that may be relevant at home

  • Everyday tasks that could support learning

  • Specific ideas or approaches to use at home e.g. PECS