The therapy team is funded by the Ongoing Resourcing Scheme (ORS). Services are allocated to students through their Personalised Learning Plan (PLP) according to their needs.

Therapists work closely with families, outside agencies, and classroom staff to ensure a smooth transition to school. They provide initial and ongoing assessment for all students. Whenever possible students' therapy programmes are integrated into their classroom programme so that best practice happens throughout the day. Therapists provide ongoing support for students and their families, liaising with other services and agencies

Occupational Therapy

  • Hand function

  • Play skills

  • Self care

  • Physical skills

  • Sensory processing

  • Visual Perception skills

  • Leisure skills

  • Work skills

  • Specialised assistive equipment

Speech Language Therapy

  • Expressive and receptive communication

  • Specialised assistive communication equipment

  • Social skills

  • Feeding skills

  • Speech

  • Play

  • Oral hygiene

  • Auditory processing


  • Mobility

  • Managing physical needs

  • Ensuring physical safety

  • Specialised mobility equipment

  • Rehabilitation following injury, surgery or illness